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History of ACS

Throughout its history, Asia-Pacific Accelerated Christian School has maintained a commitment to providing quality Christian education producing a high calibre of learning experience to its students. ACS contributes to the total learning of its students by providing facilities conducive to the development of physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual faculties of its students. ACS was founded in April 1999. Its establishment was led by Dr. Gregory Scott Lyons, Senior Pastor of Community Baptist Church. Together with the team were Rev. Norberto Mostrales Jr., School Chaplain, Ms. Amelia H. Bicera, School Principal and Ms. Priscila H. Dickson, Teacher. These people were of broad humanity and deep love for the work of the Lord.

ACS started with only less than 20 students and 2 teachers. At present, the school has been doing several outreaches to provide free reading tutorials and workshops.

The school was founded not only to provide academic excellence but also to instill the spiritual value to the children. ACS purposes to reach out the spiritual aspect of the parents as well as the students. ACS lives up with the following goals:

  • To mold students to a Christ-like character imitating Christ’s conduct, living the biblical values in daily walk which will drive behaviours, will, in turn influence others to revolutionize the world through discipleship.
  • To promote cultural understanding and community harmony in schools taking effort to strengthen educational equity for every individual.
  • To provide quality education that focuses on the development of academic skills, Christian living and social awareness.
  • To develop the spiritual, intellectual, social and moral faculties of the students emphasizing Christian character and service.
  • To build a community of learners and responsible global citizens with high expectation and high academic achievement.

These goals are actively exhibited to produce valuable godly leaders.

As the school flourished and the scope became larger, the required qualification set by the Department of Education became a struggle of the school. This is because ACS is using the ACE program as its curriculum. DepEd required the school to comply with the minimum requirements for its operation. In God’s provision and guidance, the requirements were submitted without compromising the ACE distinctive. At present, the elementary, pre-school, SpEd, and Junior High School departments have been recognized by the DepEd for its operation in compliance to the requirements preconditioned.

ACS continues to commit to collaborate with the community in instilling moral and spiritual values that will prepare the young generation in building a society of good future.